Interim Executive, Director/CEO Augmentation, Board Director/Advisor.

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Highering a Temporary Executive without Stress

I am a 30-year entrepreneur, consultant, and business coach.  My service offering is to engage with businesses in need of short-term help at an executive level either backfilling a specific roll, supplementing an executive team, or providing guidance with transformational activities, mentoring, or coaching. 

Every organization, at some point, finds itself in need to fill a leadership gap; a need for a special skill or capability. A person with prior experience, skills, and training who can fill that certain void as well as bring some needed energy into the business.

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I am a solutions-oriented, results-based professional who excels at managing, advising, and guiding business organizations, owners, and executive offices with advancing current professional and business effectiveness, strategies, and overall performance.  

My skill and experience in business transformation, problem solving, delivery management, and performance coaching stretching across many business verticals is exemplary. The confidence in my skills and abilities is derived from a blend of establishing and managing my own businesses, acquiring partnerships, a formal education that includes: post graduate degree, continuous-learning, on-going development, and specialized certifications.

The practical evolution of my business acumen acquired over the past several years is highly transferrable. I can combine my skills with best practices and consultative tools to identify, align and change the factors that affect organizational performance, stability, and teaming, to develop comprehensive strategic and tactical transformation visions and execution plans. (In short, I can make something happen.)

My soft skills allow me to collaborate with leaders at all levels, I have a small or literally no learning curve for many business verticals. I can engage immediately with my tools and experience to become an asset to an organization as mentor, coach, team member, leader, and trusted business advisor for executive teams, emerging leaders, clients, stakeholders, and end users.

The competitive skills I offer are proven and are readily usable by organizations needing an energetic, confident, and effective business lead, transformation lead, or an advisor for short or longer term engagements. 

‚ÄčRick Unruh, PMP, CPBC

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