Introducing the Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE)

A revolutionary new self assessment tool, which covers twelve key areas of business:

Strategic Planning                                   Marketing Management                             Products and Services

Customer Service                                    Financial Planning                                       Business Systems

Sales                                                          Leadership                                                    Personal Effectiveness

Risk Management                                   Exit / Succession Planning                          Human Resources

Each area is taken from the Entrepreneur Body of Knowledge(c) and will estalish Key Performance Indicators important measurements for success to your business.

Ordering Information

The Business Effectiveness Evaluation is an electronic application that is available to all Q6 Business Performance Coaching client's as part of their program.

The evaluation tool will ask you more than 120 carefully developed questions

  • Web based - is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Only takes you around 1 hour to complete
  • Is backed up by the knowledge and experience of the Q6BPC team of leading industry consultants
  • your custom report back to you within 2 business days of your final input

It can also be purchased for a fee of $495 including a bound hard copy, an electronic copy of the final document, and a one hour 1:1  review session.

It is recommended that the BEE be completed on an annual basis to measure progress and disclose any new blind spots or emerging weak spots.

The Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE)

The BEE is specifically designed and used to identify possible blind spots and weak links in your business.

Q6 Business Performance Consulting's proprietaryBusiness Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) tool will help Business Owners, Managers, and Key Leaders keep the business on track to achieving corporate goals.

The BEE measures the current effective state of key business areas associated to a high-performing and successful business. The results will help you analyze your company’s performance and prioritize goals to achieve the results you need to stay ahead of the competition.

BEE asks tough questions, in order to best identify performance gaps and critical success factors. The findings will help you focus on closing the performance gaps and achieving the much desired success factors.

      "In order to successfully plan for the future - you have to know where you are today"

The BEE will also help you identify challenges you may not know exist, or identify gaps in your company’s talent or execution plans. The resulting business evaluation data will equip you with the information critical to propel your company for future success.

This business assessment is not just for the business owner. We encourage partners and key employees to participate as well. The cumulative results of the BEE allows you to evaluate your expectations against your partners’ or key employees’ expectations, actual performance of the business, and perception of the company performance as a whole.

Business partnerships benefit from this business assessment by verifying they are heading in the same direction with the same goals, or identifying where they diverge from each other. Use your BEE summary to develop your strategic plan to achieve your business and personal vision.