Level 2 – Process Level

SMART Goal Setting

  • Helping you to identifying and formulate realistic and quantifiable goals for the organization and devising strategies to attain them.
  • Formulating short term, medium term and long terms goals and key milestones to help you evaluate, correct and make up for any deviations to your overall vision.


  • Identifying the key areas of the business where the current systems could be modified, revamped or even replaced with remedies for improving efficiencies.
  • Suggesting for implementation of additional processes and procedures that could be more efficient or less time consuming for the company.
  • Devising methods for proper documentation of Systems and procedures for the purpose of uniformity and removal of chaos.

Sales Management

  • Identifying and gauging the skill levels and competencies of the Sales teams with regards to their exposure and awareness on the company’s products and services.
  • Identifying and devising training programs for addressing to specific training needs and tools for measuring effectiveness of Company’s marketing and sales initiatives.
  • Helping to implement consistently effective sales practices to facilitate the sales team to improve their sales call closure rates successfully.
  • Devising, suggesting and providing support towards implementing productivity tools to gauge the Sales teams productivity.

 Team Delegation

  • Evaluating the organizational structure pyramid and analyzing the people-placement matrix for re-alignments, if necessary.
  • Identifying and evaluating the surpluses/ shortfalls for optimizing the availability of tools and resources to the functional teams for discharging their roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
  • Analyzing abilities of the team to suggest alternatives towards building confidence in your teams to groom them for performing the tasks more competitively and being controlled or led by you or under your guidance, independently.


  • Carrying out detailed business environmental analysis, SWOT analysis to introduce new products, services or offerings that hold opportunities to growth and improve bottom-lines.
  • Identifying people with vision in your team who are progressive in their outlook, who always seek for opportunities and tend to keep a track on the possible threats for keeping your business current and moving on.

“Even if the purpose has been specified are the Goals specifying them SMART enough (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results Oriented and Time bound) in synch, meaningful and understood by everyone?”

Our experience indicates that being ranked on this Level of the Business Maturity Model is indicative of a Business structure that consists of structured teams to execute and manage the day-to-day business requirements. These teams are capable of generating lot of new business ideas and manage the daily transactions more effectively. 

However, being on the basic start-up level of the team structures; there may still be a few occurrences when some of the sales or projects take place without their core involvement and contributions.

The Process Level of the Business Maturity Model indicates the following:

“Does the process of down delegation of important tasks and assignments of authority and responsibility to the team members come naturally to the business owner?

Interpretations of your survey responses indicate you are currently operating your business similar to our clients at the following Level of the Business Maturity Model :

Initial Alignment into Departments

Ad Hoc Collaboration among groups

“Are regular agenda-based production meetings, sales meetings and post implementation follow-up reviews undertaken regularly and corrective actions implemented?”

Business owners having their business on this level of the Business Maturity Model are faced with dilemma of not being able to decipher the reasons for lack of smooth functioning and non-performance despite presence of capable teams within their enterprise. They still have to concentrate and focus a lot in keeping the teams rooted firmly to their direction. Business owners with their businesses on this level feel that in their absence to control and direct the teams; they get fragmented and their performance also undergoes a setback.

 The owners feel that they are utilizing much of their time in fighting fires and countering Just-in-time situations rather than devising ways to effectively lead their enterprise.

They are on the lookout for newer ways of selling or communicating with the team or devising strategies for delivering successfully to their clients/customers.

 A few of the key focus areas identified by us are outlined below that can help business owners introspect to bring order out of chaos. This is achieved by deciding to implement time tested solutions within their own domains that can create order and harmonize the business processes to effectively direct them to their goals.

“Are these teams sufficiently matured and capable to instill the confidence in the owner that they can operate independently and can take rational decisions in the overall good of the business goals even in her absence?”

Our coaching and training programs are designed by experts that can help you to evaluate and perceive improvement in each of these areas. 

We help you change your outlook to take your business to the next higher levels to make it possible for you to refine your market penetrations and manage the profits and growth of your enterprise more comfortably.

One mature decision by you to avail our services can elevate your business levels to the next higher levels of a “System Level Organization”.

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“Are the sales and the operating personnel expected to meet specific goals and possess a thorough knowledge about the benefits of the products and services?”

“Is there a Purpose for the business in the first place?”

If a thorough and an honest introspection based on above key thrust areas reveal that an opportunity for further improvement and a scope of furthering the level up in the Business Maturity Model does really exist, we are always available to encourage and facilitate you to achieve these aspirations.

As experienced management turn-around professionals we have identified a number of key areas in the business processes - implementation or correction of which - within your domains can help emerging business entrepreneurs like you to achieve their goals and can help them enlighten about the truth of their purpose.

Some of these key areas include:

“Are the individual goals of the team members and the organization focused and in alignment to the same purpose?’


Recognition of needs for Goals

“Are the teams developed to such an extent that they can handle business situations independently by taking calculated decisions even when guidance and expertise of the Business owner is not available to them?”


"My Business is new, so I expected to be at Pioneer Level, but this is giving me some insights into where to focus so that I can move into working ON my Business."

2014, J.T. - New Electrical ContractingCompany

"I started with this assessment and received some coaching to help direct me. Best decision I ever made for my business."

2015 C.W. -  Retail Business Owner

"I used the assessment to validate my business. it gave me some piece of mind."

2014 R.B. - Commercial Contractor