"I was a bit surprised. I thought we had our business at a more mature level - this proved to be our blind spot. Thank you for enabling this free tool. "

2014 J.D, - Private Liquor Store Owner

"This helped us understand  a few development areas. We completed the consultation with Rick and he helped us create a strategy that we are certain will get us to the next Level in no time. Much appreciated."

2014 N.B, - Private Environmental Services

"Our new partnership was lacking in documented Goals and our Ad Hoc processes were holding us back. This was a real kick in the pants once we recognized how simple the solution was."

2015 D.O.  Business Owner/Partner

How can you know where you’re headed if you don’t know where you are?

The Q6 Business Maturity Index evaluation focuses on the traits of companies based upon four maturity levels using a Business Growth Index.

Take this free (no obligation) self-evaluation to help you better understand where your organization is currently at on this scale to better help you understand where you are and we'll share some insights on common concerns business owners at each of these levels experience.

After the evaluation you can download a complete explanation of your level. See the key challenges on which to focus, so you can successfully grow to the next level.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Please also take advantage of our free, no-obligation one hour coaching session. We would love to meet with you, learn about your business, and talk about ways you might be able to grow your business and get to the Next Level of Business Growth!

Business Maturity Index