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As an Extended DISC certified facilitator we offer a full range of Extended DISC Services and Reports. We offer all available psychometric reports in combination with individual, group, and team presentations, workshops, exercises, and team building sessions.

Extended DISC reports provide user friendly information that changes the way individuals communicate, interact and work together. Understanding your Extended DISC behavioral style will enhance your success both professionally and personally.

The online Extended DISC questionnaire was developed on the basis of extensive research and theory on the many varieties of 'normal' human behavior and how that could be more easily understood on the basis of a four quadrant model. Extended DISC took the development of this profiling tool further, with a strong focus on utilizing it for professional (and personal) development of people at work.

Personal Analysis

The personal psychometric self-assessment test identifies the behavioral style of an individual including their motivators, strengths and development areas.Too often, assessments tell us what we already know. We use the Personal Analysis assessment to find out something NEW and address issues. Identifying true strengths and workplace environmental preferences enables practical performance management and development.

Team Analysis

Using the personal psychometric self-assessment test and aggregating the individual results into a Team Report we can demonstrate the team attributes and dynamics. This assessment tool provides an easy-to-use framework to understand complex issues quickly, solve problems and improve team cohesion and performance.

It can be utilized to help management align their business or team strategy with the behavioral characteristics of existing team members. It is also  used successfully in recruiting new team members to balance the team's competencies and help ensure a healthy dynamic.

Work Pair Analysis

Using the personal psychometric self-assessment test and aggregating the individual results into a Work Pair report we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the behavioral and workings style of two individuals, identifying likely enhancers and blockers to their successful collaboration.

It's designed to help two people take action that will have a positive and informed impact on their performance.

More than just an Assessment

Our customized presentation and workshops develop awareness and clear understanding of HOW to modify one’s behavior instead of repeating the same routine behaviors with “hit-or-miss” trials, or expectations for others to “just understand”. We prepare our clients to make conscious decisions about how to adjust their own actions.  We do this by learning and incorporating the practical 4-step approach until it becomes second nature:

1.         Understand the DISC-model and styles
2.         Create confident self-awareness
3.         Learn how to identify others’ styles
4.         Modify our behavior

In understanding the DISC-styles, we gain awareness of how people are different – not better or worse – from one another.  Familiarity with how people are “wired” differently gives a clearer understanding in their behavior and intentions and decreases misguided judgments.

Our own Extended DISC® assessment provides the information to build a more confident self-awareness.  By “confident” we refer to taking an honest look at ourselves and making peace with our strengths and developmental areas.  Rather than focusing on our role-behavioral style (i.e. how we think we need to be), Extended DIS® describes our natural, “hard-wired” behavioral style that remains quite stable during our adulthood.   It is intended to provide information that causes us to stop and think: “Is this really true about me?  Is it possible others could perceive me this way?”  These moments are our very best opportunities for development and growth.

Next, we need to learn to identify the styles of others.  Over time and with practice this becomes easier and easier.  In fact, soon it will be hard not to try identify others’ styles by using the OAR-model:

                   O – Observe                 A – Assess                      R – Recognize

The last step, recognize, is the most important one.  This is when we make conscious decisions about how to modify our behavior and put the first three steps into action.  Rather than let our autopilot take over our behavior, we need to take the controls and steer towards more successful interactions with others.

When we make these behavioral adjustments, we often are instructed to mirror the other person’s behavioral style.  For example, if I happen to be an outgoing I-style and have identified the other person’s style as a calm and laid-back S-style, I should “act like an S-style”. I should talk less, slow down, and tone down my approach.  In other words, by behaving more like an S-style we will make the other person more comfortable.  This will facilitate a more effective communication and interaction.

This is not bad advice.  By modifying our behavioral style to match the other person’s style will improve communication and make the other person more comfortable.


"Working with a group of engineers was frustrating for me - I had trouble communicating with them for several months.Using Extended DISC , being able to understand their communications styles, and how I had to adjust my own style made the difference. Our project meetings are much more effective."

2015 S.T, Project Manager

"This was a game changer in how I approached my team and my clients. It has really improved our office communication process. Wish we had done this years a ago"

201 B.T, Service Manager

"I was able to identify the activities that took so much of my energy and why I was so tired a the end of the day. I was able to reassign that work and now have the energy to get back into the activities of working ON my business."

2014 C.I.  Business owner

Professional Development Series


Individual Assessments start at $195 for an electronic copy and are $385 for a full analysis c/w presentation.

Discounts are offered for multiples.

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