How does the Group Business Development Program work?

  • It is a “Mastermind” of Entrepreneurs – Each Group is designed to be limited to 10 - 12 business professionals each in non-competing business verticals that agree to work together. (Group Non-Disclosure Agreements are used.)
  • It is a Series of 10 Monthly Sessions – The Group meets for 2 hours monthly. The coach/facilitator will present business improvement related topics at each session for about 30 minutes, but the group determines the business issues or topics to be discussed.  
  • Each Session Relies upon Involvement – You rely on the group and the group relies on you. All the participants need to be involved and take action. This means if you are the quiet type you need to stretch yourself, if you tend to be outgoing, you may need to step back now and then.
  • You will get what you give.It will challenge you – We are all here to help each other improve. Make commitments to yourself and the group. Take some risk, stretch yourself, and use the group to push you.

Why would I want to participate in these sessions, really?
Life as a business owner or leader has many rewards but it can be lonely, frustrating, and uncertain. A peer group provides:

  • Relief from Isolation – A trusted group with which to share your victories and concerns and ask those questions you can’t ask others.
  • A Sounding Board – Nothing will test an idea quite like talking it through with a peer group and getting honest feedback.
  • Strategic Thinking – Peer groups help us to step away from the daily grind and work on making business better and advance our personal goals.
  • Learn new stuff – The collective wisdom of a group just can’t be beat.
  • If you do not do this; your competition will – Improving a business does not happen by chance it involves a process of continuous improvement, education, and strategy. Do not get left behind.

2016 Q6 Group Business Development Program Schedule

The Q6 Group Business Development Program is a combination of 10 monthly sessions engaging a maximum of 10 to 12 Business Owners/Managers (each from non-competing business verticals), facilitated by a licensed business consultant/coach with a focused approach to assist and enable each business participant to take their business to a new level. 

Key benefits include renewed focus, new ideas, access to new business systems (tools), and will include candid feedback creating new perspectives with the goal of making each business more effective and profitable.

At the beginning of each session the Program Facilitator will present relevant business development and educational topics for discussion at the meeting. Each group session will run for two and a half hours (or more if requested).

During the 10 month period participants will receive one monthly 1:1 meeting with the facilitator for approximately one hour.

Additionally, as part of the Business Development Master Series each participant will be given a complimentary Business Effectiveness Evaluation assessment that will be used to analyze the participant's business performance and determine and prioritize goals to be worked on during completion of the Business Development Program.

The program is an excellent value priced at over a third off the price of Premium Weekly 1:1Coaching Series.

Q6 Professional Development Series

Make a New Year's resolution to improve your Business in 2016.

Next Series start:

Kimberley, BC - January 2016

Place and date to be determined

Calgary, AB - January 2016

Place and date to be determined

Book now to ensure your spot in the next Series.

This is a personalized service and participants will be screened to ensure fit and alignment with the current running series. Additional series will be offered based demand and alignment of business verticals. (We never put 2 competing businesses in the same series.)

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Q6 Group Business Development Program