Is the reality of running your Advisor Practice what you dreamed it would be?

Or are you feeling stuck, confused, and powerless to make things change?


                              ….You are not alone.

Stop working and preparing your Advisory Business on your own.

Combine your efforts with the power of a Network, and Mastermind of People, and Professional Coaches.

AdvisorPractice Management and Q6 BusinessPerformanceCoaching jointly introduce the Capacity Innovation Program© (CIP) Mastermind Series - a yearlong series of day long developmental sessions (Quarterly) and bimonthly 1:1 coaching sessions that will utilize various assessment and evaluation tools  to develop strategies and solutions to help you succeed in every area of your Advisor business.

Together you, with a group of 10 – 12 peer Advisors will create a network facilitated by professional business coaches who will work side-by-side with you to establish strategies and action plans that you implement to reach your goals. This process will create sustainable, incremental growth and change through ongoing implementation of strategies over time.

Together, we help you streamline your operations, create positive changes, get you to think outside the box when needed, and create synergy and advantages that could not be accomplished by yourself alone.

In your monthly sessions, you will learn from the experiences of other business leaders as they learn from yours, and receive advanced guidance and training from professional Business Coaches utilizing the latest business principles designed to help you lead the kind of business you’ve always dreamed of.

As a CIP member, you will also receive laser-focused coaching for your specific needs with a regular 1-1 session with one of our experienced coaches.

In addition and immediately upon signing up for the Advisor Mastermind Series you will be given the opportunity to complete a comprehensive diagnostic benchmark of their business using the Business HealthCheck as part of this comprehensive series.

The Business HealthCheck is a revolutionary business bench marking tool, which covers five key areas of business:

  1. Client - about your clients,
  2. Home Base - planning and structure,
  3. External Profile - reputation management,
  4. Capability - people and IT,
  5. Key Performance Indicators - the numbers behind your business.

Once the Business HealthCheck is received, each Advisor will complete a benchmark debrief (for approximately 2 hours) with Practice Management Consultant Grant Hicks.

It is to be expected that as a member of this network you can expect to:

  • Make better decisions faster
  • Accelerate growth in your business
  • Establish new powerful processes
  • See a big impact in your business of time and money
  • Establish a dedicated time to work on your business, and not just in it
  • Become a member of your network that will continue long past this series and for many years to follow

Satisfaction is guaranteed. If you  are not satisfied with the program after the first 30 days we will refund your money.

How does this Mastermind Series work?

  • It is a “Mastermind” of Entrepreneurs – Each Mastermind Group is designed to be limited to 10 - 12 business professionals. Each member is selected to assure proper blend of business services, requirements, and personalities
  • It is a full year Series – The Mastermind Series is a combination of peer meetings facilitated by certified coaches, 1:1 coaching sessions, and specialized business tools and techniques guaranteed to provide results.  
  • Each Session Relies upon Involvement – You rely on the group and the group relies on you. All the participants need to be involved and take action. This means if you are the quiet type you need to stretch yourself, if you tend to be outgoing, you may need to step back now and then.
  • You will get what you give. It will challenge you – We are all here to help each other improve. Make commitments to yourself and the group. Take some risk, stretch yourself, and use the group to push you.

Why would I want to participate in these sessions, really?
Life as a business owner has many rewards but it can be lonely, frustrating, and uncertain. A peer group provides:

  • Relief from Isolation – A trusted group with which to share your victories and concerns and ask those questions you can’t ask others.
  • A Sounding Board – Nothing will test an idea quite like talking it through with a peer group and getting honest feedback.
  • Strategic Thinking – Peer groups help us to step away from the daily grind and work on making business better and advance our personal goals.
  • Learn new stuff – The collective wisdom of a group just can’t be beat.
  • If you do not do this; your competition will – Improving a business does not happen by chance it involves a process of continuous improvement, education, and strategy. Do not get left behind.

Financial / Life Advisor Mastermind Series

The next step is up to you!  

For more details and a list of FAQ’s go to:

To register contact:

Rick Unruh, PMP, PBC   
Telephone:  403-771-8261


Grant Hicks, CIM, National Director Practice Management  
Telephone:  587-390-3148
Cell: 403-970-8895

Note: This is a specialized service offering and participants will be screened  to ensure fit and alignment with the current running series. Needed additional series will be offered based demand and alignment of Advisor requirements. Satisfaction is guaranteed.