The Group Business Development Program is a 10-month program that will help you become more successful both personally and professionally in your business with an expectation it will take your business to the next level. In fact, based on a survey by Inman[1] we anticipate you will realize at least 10 – 25% increase in your annual revenues when working with professional development consultants to assist you with business development growth.

What is the Group Business Development Program?

The Group Business Development Program is a Professional Development Series comprised of 10 – 12 professional peers brought together and facilitated by a licensed business performance consultant(s) intended to assist and enable each participant to take their business practice to an advanced level.  Each of the planned 10 monthly sessions are approximately 3 hours long and will cover 12 Knowledge Areas taken from the Entrepreneur Body of Knowledge© – a business effectiveness model that is designed and endorsed by the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA)[2].

Each session and specific topic is intended to provide professional insight into tangible areas for immediate business and personal improvement and will combine to create a detailed business plan that will continue to assure focused direction and success for many years to follow.

In addition, each attendee is provided with a 1-hour 1-on-1 virtual coaching session each month with the Business Consultant, plus unlimited email support.

What are the terms of engagement?

Each session will rely upon Involvement
– You rely on the group and the group relies on you. All the participants need to be involved and take action. This means if you are the quiet type you need to stretch yourself, if you tend to be outgoing, you may need to step back now and then. You will get what you give.

The series will challenge you
– We are all here to help each other improve. Make commitments to yourself and the group. Take some risk, stretch yourself, and use the group to push you.

Trust is a must! –To get the most out of the experience everyone needs to share openly and know their plans, secrets, strategic advantages and issues will not leave the room. [3]

We all get our turn
– Maybe not all on the same day. Take a long view, we may spend a lot of time on solving one problem one day, but you will get your turn next time. It tends to work out naturally, and if it does not, we will give it some help. If you are not doing this your competitors will.

What does it cost?

For this initial session only: Fees are reduced from $395 CDN a month to $165 or $145 for Kimberley Chamber Members over a required 10-month commitment[4].

PLUS: One 1:1 virtual coaching session is provided each month. Unlimited email and telephone support will be offered between sessions.

Who is Q6 Business Performance Consulting?

Q6 Business Performance Consulting (Q6BPC) has over 30 years of experience working and assisting organizations of all sizes with consulting, scoping, planning, and delivering strategic initiatives core to business success.

Supported by specialized tools, techniques, and qualifications Q6BPC uses a series of business fundamentals that will drive results by outlining a clear vision, defining and coordinating specific actions across all areas of your business to enhance and balance personal and professional effectiveness at all levels.

Interested?  Contact Rick Unruh – – (250) 999-8261 or (403) 771-8261.

[1] Inman Select 2014
[2] PBCA is the premier business coaching alliance in North America.
[3] A group Mutual Non-Disclosure will be used for each attendee to ensure confidentiality.
[4] Formal contract will be required. Invoices are sent by email at the beginning of each month and are due on receipt.

The Q6BPC Group Business Development Program is comprised of an in-depth review of each of the 12 Knowledge Areas of the Entrepreneur Body of Knowledge© (EBoK) through open discussion forums, and presentations by the facilitator leading to the final development of a business plan applicable to the attendee’s business. The program is offered over a 10 - month period and includes monthly 1-on-1 sessions with a dedicated business consultant.

Binders, print materials, etc. will be provided.

The outline below is a proposed schedule for the Series.


Business Effectiveness Evaluation. A custom assessment (survey style) tool will be sent to you to provide a baseline performance measurement of your business. Outputs of the assessment will include a Report Card outlining the business’ current effectiveness in each Knowledge Area.  You will be offered a 1-on-1 session with your Program Consultant prior to the first Session to review your business effectiveness evaluation results. This dedicated session will overview the business’ performance against each Knowledge Area and devise a preliminary strategy to enable your business and make it successful.

Introduction to Personal Effectiveness. In the initial session each participant will be provided with their own personal Extended DISC assessment[1]. Each participant will be required to complete a short 10 to 15-minute online survey prior to attending Session 1.

Session 1

Introduction to the Business Effectiveness model and the 12 Knowledge Areas. We will talk about the various parts of the model and how they interrelate and work to define your business and make it successful. Together we will discuss and develop overall strategies for getting your business working for you instead of you always working in your business.

Introduction to Personal Effectiveness. In the initial session each participant will be provided with their own personal Extended DISC assessment[2]. Extended DISC assessments provide insight into persons’ observable behavior and how/why we respond and communicate the way we do in certain environments. The goal of this session will be to provide participants with the skills to become more knowledgeable about their own natural styles for processing information and learn techniques to improve their own communication styles and become more effective personally and professionally.

Session 2

Products/Services and Value Proposition.
All entrepreneurs believe that they offer a unique product or service, but that offering is also available in a very open market. This session will focus on defining your Value Proposition; creating a specific and unique outline that defines your product and service that separates you from others and articulates “WHY” a client should be engaging with your business.

Session 3

Strategic Planning. In this session we will focus on creating a vision for each business, assessing current state, creating S.M.A.R.T Goals, and documenting desired outcomes that will be combined to create an Execution Plan that will document activities to be completed over the next year and beyond. The resulting Strategic Plan will be considered a living document and will be updated from results of subsequent sessions.

Session 4

Customer Service.
Many business owners, leaders, and staff believe that they are doing a great job of customer service; however, in reality are losing customers because of little things that they should know but don’t and things they should be doing, but aren’t. These sessions will help you develop customer service policies and a plan for your business that will ensure success and long term customer loyalty.

Session 5

In order for your business to be profitable you need to be able to reach your customers. Far too many businesses look at marketing as an expense and do “spend”, but with minimal or unmeasured results. We will discuss and review proven techniques that need to be employed to ensure success in creating a detailed and flexible marketing strategy that align investment with metrics and ROI.

Session 6

Human Resources & Leadership. In this session entrepreneurs’ running a small/medium business will uncover a concept referred to as the “hidden organization”. During this session we will map out functions of departments complete with the roles required to operate your organization. You will create your own “organizational chart” to map out how internal and external stakeholders fill critical functions essential for conducting business. Further to this, you will detail job descriptions, policies, benefits and incentive plans, as well as define hiring (and firing) processes developing a Human Resource Plan essential to your organization’s growth and continued success.

We will also review new effective leadership and coaching techniques and learn how to become a leader given the unique position as a business owner - covering the many roles and functions in the business.

Session 7

Financial Management. The ultimate goal of financial management in business is to make money or add value for the owner(s).  In this session we examine different ways of formulating Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that will develop a financial performance measurement system as a means of keeping track on the progress of your business. Going beyond financial statements, financial management will set performance targets and develop a specific method of validation allowing for examination of triggers for any changes in performance. (This puts you in a better position to manage your financial performance proactively.)

Session 8

Exit / Succession Planning. Often the most over looked or misunderstood area of a business we will examine, the concepts of Exit Planning as a factor impacts all business owners, particularly those in a partner relationship. Exit Planning addresses a wide variety of issues that are important to business owners, including future planning of their business (its value, its employees, its position in the market, their family and their community).

Succession Planning will examine and capture the process of identifying internal successor roles within a business and developing strategies essential to ensuring a Business Continuity approach.

Session 9

Risk & Opportunity Management. This session overviews current best practices in risk management and examines how to identify and measure the business’ levels of risk exposure including establishing strategies and processes that anticipate, prioritize, and mitigate threats. In addition, and in contrast to looking at the negative aspects of risk, you will learn how to identify and analyze opportunities that may not be in your immediate view and create strategies and processes to allow you to prioritize and exploit opportunities to benefit your business.

Session 10

Business Systems. A system is a procedure, process, method, including actions and activities designed to achieve a specific result. In this session we will review the benefits and added business value of effective business systems as a means to attain results that are consistent, measurable, and ultimately benefit customers.

We will follow the concepts of Michael Gerber, author of E-Myth Revisited, who states, "Organize around business functions, not people. Build systems within each business function. Let systems run the business and people run the systems. People come and go but the systems remain constant".

[1] Each participant will be required to complete the Extended DISC™ assessment prior to the first session.
[2] Each participant will be required to complete the Extended DISC™ assessment prior to the first session.

Group Business Development Program Syllabus

The 12 Knowledge Areas of the Entrepreneur Body of Knowledge©

Kimberley BC. Group Business Development Program Syllabus


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