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                              Custom Professional Coaching Series

1:1 Business Coaching Designed for You!

The Custom Professional Coaching Series is for the budget conscious who wants the structure of the 1:1 Program, but is budget constrained and unable to meet at regular intervals - this program is custom-fit for you.

Structure and clarity so your business can perform beyond your expectations.
Your business coach will work with you on assessments and evaluations to ensure your business goals and objectives are clear. You and your coach will discuss strategies and solutions to help you succeed in every area of your business.

Together we'll establish strategies and action plans that you implement to reach your goals. This process creates sustainable, incremental growth and change, through ongoing implementation of strategies over time. We help you streamline your operations, create positive changes, get you to think outside the box when needed, and create synergy and advantages that could not be accomplished by yourself alone.

One-on-One Business Coaching will help you:

  • Get in control
  • Set clear business goals and objectives
  • Establish a plan of action to reach those goals
  • Grow your business and profits
  • Develop efficiency in your operations
  • Create positive change

About the Custom Professional Coaching Series

The Custom Professional Coaching Series includes 2 - 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions during any preferred day and time that is best suited to the client during the month with your coach. (Dates and times are based upon the coach's availability.)

 It is the client's responsibility to arrange for the coaching session and not the coaches. the client will use Q6 Professional Business Coaching's on-line booking system to establish meeting times. Meetings will be set up in person, by phone, or online meeting (Go to Meeting or similar).

Business coaching sessions are designed for you based on your goals and business objectives. It’s all customized so you and your coach will work together creating and implementing powerful business strategies, so your business will be more profitable, streamlined, efficient, and rewarding.

After each session, your coach will e-mail you an attachment containing the meeting notes and action steps.The client and the coach each maintain a binder to ensure you’re moving in a straight line and also to be used as an accountability tool to make sure your objectives are met. During the month, you have unlimited e-mail with limited telephone support.

This custom program will require the client to pay an affordable monthly fee (plus set up fee) for a 1 year contract commitment.There are a limited number of spots open or available in this series.

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